SprudgeTo kick off the second coming of Coffee & Tea Collective (CT2) in San Diego’s East Village, Sprudge in Collaboration w/ Michael Spear put together a nice little write up. Take a gander.












Click here for a quick beer scene read.










San Diego International Airport


Quiet space before the hustle of security? Go ahead, find some interpersonal space on our Zen Bench collaboration with MiWorkshop in the new San Diego International Terminal.












An ORCHID for interior design was awarded to us for our work/ design on Coffee & Tea Collective this last year 2013. It was an honor to receive this wonderful award alongside highly respected peers like Hector Perez (De-Arc) and Mike Burnett (Foundation for Form). Have a look at the entire list for 2013 and make a point to visit a few.









Union Trib


Coffee and Tea Collective mention in the Union Tribune. Photo by Peggy Peattie and Article by Keli Dailey.










Soft Opening Bright Lighting


The soft opening of Coffee & Tea Collective is just behind us thanks to the hard work and creativity of Typwriter Boneyard. With a few warm bright strokes of a pen Philip and Chelsea Hansen have sharpened SIDEYARD’s simple coffee canvas. Their custom fixtures elegantly make the space a place to stop and stay while drinking thoughtfully brewed coffee. Click here to see a video of their creative process and the fabrication/installation for Coffee & Tea Collective by Boyte Creative.








One Giant Leap for BEIGENESS


It’s official, Cosmic Latte, a dressed up name for BEIGE, is the official color of the Universe. SIDEYARD wonders how Venus and Mars feel about this statistic revealed by NASA? At least it’s curb appeal will bring up the resale value for the entire neighborhood.









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